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Welcome to the Skinners' Maths Department Website

The idea behind the website is to have, in one place, all the information a pupil or parent could need to succeed at Maths at Skinners' School.

Here you will find curriculum Maps which tell you which topics you will be covering and their order.

There is a list of helpful websites to aid revision.

There is advice on homework - when it is set and independent study for Yr 7 to Yr 9.

Also you will find important Exam dates.

If you still have any queries please feel free to contact your son's Maths teacher or the relevant Head of the Key Stage.

Mrs Kim Allen - Head of Dept; Head of Maths Yr10 - Yr13         kallen@skinners-school.org.uk
Mr John Bullen                                                                              john.bullen@skinners-school.org.uk
Mrs Jenny Jung                                                                             jenny.jung@skinners-school.org.uk
Mr Neil Dedman                                                                           neil.dedman@skinners-school.org.uk
Mrs Sandra Pretorius                                                                    sandra.p@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr Julien Wildman                                                                        julien.wildman@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs Tracy Stanley - KS3 Co-ordinator - Yr7 - Yr9                      tracy.stanley@skinners-school.org.uk